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goPlaying with the Sharks and the Jets

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Touchstone’s new goPLAY Youth Theatre Club got thrillingly off the ground on Thursday Oct 27th, as Artistic Director Katrina Dunn took twenty high school students to see Vancouver Opera’s production of West Side Story. It began with a backstage tour of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, where we felt out the amazing acoustics in the newly renovated space, poked our heads in the orchestra pit, and learned how to watch the conductor on video feed while doing a love scene. Then two of the performers, Steven Greenfield (Touchstone’s musical director on Mimi) and David Adams gave us a short introductory on the piece: it’s twist on the Romeo and Juliet Story, it’s unique creation story, and the sensation it caused at it’s premiere. Then we tucked into our fabulous $150 seats (thanks for the amazing student discount rate Vancouver Opera!) and enjoyed the beautiful production. 38 people on stage, 30 musicians in the pit and stunning set, lights and costumes made for a treat for all. It was very interesting for all to see the mix of musical theatre performers with opera trained singers in the leads as Maria and Tony. This was only the first of many fascinating outings for goPLAY, so stay tuned for more updates.