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Why I Want to Write Musical Theatre by Dorothy Dittrich

Monday, June 24th, 2013

I spent my childhood summer nights in front of the TV watching old musicals on the CBC late and late late show. Showboat, Annie Get Your Gun, 42nd Street, Guys and Dolls, Sweet Charity, West Side Story – all the Judy Garland movies from the Andy Hardy series to A Star is Born… My sister and I would stay up every night we could get away with and watch them until we dropped. Then we’d perform them the next day – playing all the parts, singing all the songs. My parents had albums we’d listen to as well. South Pacific, Carousel, An American in Paris – we were captivated by the sounds and the voices, the music and the extraordinary poetry of those lyrics written by such masters. At 15, I got my first job as a rehearsal and show pianist for an amateur theatre company and began learning about musical theatre.

I write musical theatre because I love it, because to me, Musical Theatre is an elegant form, a synthesis of language and music and movement, acting, singing, dance all coming together to tell a story. I love the endless possibilities within musical theatre to speak to and express any feeling, tell any kind of tale. I love too that enormous depth and complexity of narrative and emotion can be delivered in a seemingly light and gentle way or with full force. But perhaps the most important reason I write musical theatre is that story telling through music – singing – is such a powerful form of communication. I am amazed and inspired by the incredible talent that is required of the actors and performers in any and all musical theatre. I want to work in that feeling of wonder and magic and inspiration. One voice, two, three, a quartet, a chorus – this is a sound I love. Working with others to bring a musical into being is an amazing experience and once I’d had that experience I just wanted to keep on.

Photo of Dorothy Dittrich

Dorothy Dittrich

Dorothy Dittrich is a writer, composer and musical director and her musical The Two in One Woman Show is receiving dramaturgy and reading at In Tune. The project dramaturg is Paula Danckert and the cast is Linda A. Carson and Cailin Stadnyk. Her musical, When We Were Singing was first produced by Touchstone Theatre, followed by a production in Toronto at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, a Belfry Theatre/National Arts Centre co – production and a production in St. Petersburg Florida. It received a workshop at MTC in New York and a staged sing through. Dorothy has had productions of two non-musical plays and is very proud to be working on a new play as part of the Arts Club’s Silver Commissions Project for New Play Development.