goPLAY Youth Theatre Club Podcasts #2 & #3 – Including Season Review

This past year Touchstone’s goPLAY Youth Theatre Club finished its second year of offering students from Lower Mainland Secondary Schools the opportunity to attend a broad spectrum of what Vancouver has to offer the theatre goer. Over the course of the 2012-2013 theatre season goPLAY attended 16 productions and sat down with some of the artists behind the productions to discuss the process of creating theatre. Following are our final two goPLAY 2012-2013 season podcasts.

In Podcast #2 goPLAY sits down with Toronto’s award winning songwriter, spokenword poet and theatre creator Evalyn Perry after attending her unique theatrical and musical journey SPIN, her tour-de-force performance celebrating the Bicycle as muse, ¨musical instrument and agent of social change.

In Podcast #3 Artistic Director Katrina Dunn asks members of the program to discuss some of the highlights of the entire goPLAY season.

Here is a list of the shows goPLAY attended in 2012-2013:
- Eternal Hydra by Touchstone Theatre
- Dickens Women at The Cultch
- LEO at The Cultch
- Ride The Cyclone at The Arts Club Theatre
- King Lear at the PuSh Festival
- I, Malvolio at The Cultch (part of the PuSh Festival)
- Spring Awakening at Studio 58
- My Funny Valentine at the Firehall Arts Centre
- Haunted by Touchstone Theatre
- Mother Theresa Is Dead at Pacific Theatre
- SPIN at The Cultch
- 3 Sisters by The Only Child Collective
- God & The Indian at the Firehall Arts Centre
- Mump & Smoot at The Cultch
- Hamlet at Bard on the Beach
- Twelfth Night at Bard on the Beach

You can find Podcast #1, a discussion with Britain’s Tim Crouch here.

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