True Love Lies Rehearsals Begin.

We began rehearsals for True Love Lies in the Cultch Historic Theatre on Tuesday with a read through of the entire play with everyone involved with the show present.  It’s always a fantastic way to start the rehearsal process.  I thought, in light of the beginning of the season it would be fun to do a little Touchstone Theatre history.

At the Table

The Cast and Crew of True Love Lies

True Love Lies is not the first play we have produced by Brad Fraser.  In fact, over our 36 year history Touchstone has produced – including True Love Lies - 3 shows by Brad.

Our first show by Brad was Wolfboy in 1982.  Wolfboy premiered in 1981 at the 25th Street Theatre in Saskatoon featuring Keanu Reeves in his first professional performance and was almost immediately picked up by Touchstone for production.  Wolfboy follows Bernie, a young man who has been admitted to a hospital for the mentally unstable after attempting suicide.  He finds himself confronted by two very different realities: one from his over-demanding father; the other from David, the boy in the adjoining room who believes that he is a werewolf.  The show was turned into a musical last year with lyrics by Leon Paris and book by Russell Labey and ran at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Our production went up at the Firehall Theatre on October 15thand was very well received, being called “one of the best pieces of theatre at the moment” by Bob Allen of The Province.  The show was directed by John Cooper, stared John Destry Adams, Baul Batten, Elizabeth Dancoes, John Moffat and Christine Willes with set and costumes designed by Pearl Bellesen and an Original Score by Ross Douglas.

Nine years later we openedUnidentified Human Remains and the true Nature of Love. The play centers around David McMillan, a former actor, current waiter watching his twenties tick away. Together with his book reviewing roommate Candy and his best friend Bernie, David encounters a number of seductive strangers in their search for love and sex. However the games turn ugly when it appears one of their numbers might be a serial killer. First presented by Alberta Theatre Projects in 1989, the play immediately stirred controversy because of its brash sexual nature and it’s frank violence.

So Touchstone picked it up.  Our production ran February 2 – 24 1991and was a huge hit for us.  Patrick Healey of Angles found the show “so compelling [he] went back for more” and  Harald Gravelsins from The Ubyssey called it “a production that triumphs beyond the success of a remarkable script.” Human Remains was directed by Bonnie Gibson and featured an amazing cast of Vancouver mainstays including Allan Morgan.

True Love Lies will run September 21 – October 1.  Tickets available through The Cultch

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