A look inside “Mimi” rehearsals

For the past couple of months, Touchstone has been helped out in the office and in the rehearsal hall by Jeewon Lee, an exchange student from Korea with UBC’s Global Career Foundations program. Jeewon is studying Japanese Language & Literature at the Seoul Women’s University and is very interested in theatre. She was a personal interpreter for one Japanese director, Tadashi Kato, when he came to Korea to work with Korean theatre students, and she participated in Kijimuna Festa, the International Theatre Festival for Young Audiences in Okinawa, Japan, in 2008 and 2009 as an interpreter and a translator.

Jeewon sat in on rehearsals for Mimi during the first two weeks. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

Photo of Jennifer Lines by Emily Cooper

Photo of Jennifer Lines by Emily Cooper

Mimi rehearsals have begun! Actors are singing and dancing! We’re so excited!

As of today (October 18), there are 17 days until the show opens at the Shadbolt, so the pace of the rehearsal process is very fast. At the first few rehearsals, there were readthroughs, discussions of costumes and set, song and music practise, and lessons in 17th century western European style dances, steps & behaviours. (These looked very difficult! And we learned a clue about the reason for this from period dance instructor and choreographer Catherine Lee – apparently, Louis XIV liked to keep his noblemen busy learning new and complicated dances for court events so that they wouldn’t have enough time to plan any revolts against him!) The actors have been enjoying these dance lessons, and some of the staff members have even left their desks for a little while to join in. There’s lots going on right now – at this stage, Mimi is like a puzzle, and everyone is working on fitting together all the different pieces to make one beautiful show. We are looking forward to it, and we hope you are too!

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