Touchstone co-presents some of our favorite artists with The Cultch

Beginning Week of Any Night
What she said (Medina Hahn)

Showcasing new work is always scary. It’s like a birth. And you never really know how that birth is going to go… Now remounting a new piece without all the original players is really scary! Trying to get this show up after a year without our original sound designer, set designer, lighting designer or stage manager was a set up for possible disaster! Part of the set broke in the shipping, our sound design went on the fritz, our hazer set off all the fire alarms! and we got our only run-through-with-tech in the afternoon before opening night! Luckily we were blessed with an amazing team here in Vancouver. Adrian Muir stepped in to help implement and recreate the original lighting design and did an absolutely amazing job. Joanne PB Smith is a stage managing God who can apparently call a technically elaborate show for the first time to near perfection. And our technician David is nothing but a gift! I don’t know why it always feels like it’s never going to happen, because it always does… I am constantly amazed how everyone involved (near and far) band together and do all they can to make it all come alive – hell or high water. I love that about artists. The community. The comraderie. What an honour to be part of the family.

Final week of Any Night
What he said (Daniel Arnold):

Well, into the final week of Any Night here in Vancouver and another sold out crowd last night! Feels cool. Getting great response, and everyone seems to take something slightly different from the show, which is great. Because it’s about trust, which is elusive; we never really know anything, we simply trust. In this way, the experience of the show I hope confronts us with that, lets us ponder our own feelings towards that. Anyway, it’s been feeling great to be housed by Touchstone and The Cultch, doing our show under their wings. It lets us concentrate on the art and the acting instead of the admin and producing. That said, I have been reading the reviews (they always help or hinder when wanting to tour a show, which we do) and I’m honored and humbled about how much praise has come … it’ll bode well for our tour to New York! So I really want to thank everyone involved in the creation and production of Any Night … every bit of what you do counts. Couldn’t do this without you. Thank you.

photo of Medina Hahn and Daniel Arnold by Stephanie Hull

photo of Medina Hahn and Daniel Arnold by Stephanie Hull

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